D1.1Set of representative COSSIM application domainsPUM4Completed - Download pdf
D1.2Specification of end system (including Network, Power/Energy and Security Sub-Systems)PUM6Completed - Download pdf
D1.3High-level architecture of overall frameworkPUM8Completed - Download pdf
D1.4Evaluation criteria for measuring COSSIM's efficiencyPUM8Completed - Download pdf
D2.11st implementation of processing simulatorPUM12Completed - Download pdf
D2.21st implementation of network simulatorPUM12Completed - Download pdf
D2.31st integration of processing and network simulatorsPUM17Pending
D2.4Development of simulation configuration and execution monitoring toolPUM26Completed - Download pdf
D2.5Final version of integrated processing and network simulatorPUM26Completed - Download pdf
D3.11st set of power models and optimization techniquesPU / COM9Completed
D3.2Implementation of first version of power toolsPU / COM17Completed
D3.32nd set of power models and optimization techniquesPU / COM20Completed
D3.4Implementation of optimized version of power toolsPU / COM26Completed
D4.1Security modelling of the COSSIM frameworkPUM9Completed - Download pdf
D4.2Initial prototype of security and robustness testing platformPUM17Pending
D4.3Security evaluation methodology for cyber-physical systemsPUM26Completed - Download pdf
D4.4Final prototype of security and robustness testing platformPUM26Completed - Download pdf
D5.1Description of the COSSIM hardware platformPUM10Completed - Download pdf
D5.21st Integrated (Mainly Software) COSSIM simulatorPUM19Pending
D5.3Analysis of the COSSIM simulatorPUM31Completed - Download pdf
D5.4Final Integrated COSSIM simulatorPUM33Completed - Download pdf
D6.1Specifications of the initial test cases (1st increment)PUM10Completed - Download pdf
D6.2Design implementation and evaluation (1st increment)PUM21Pending
D6.3Specifications of the full version of test cases (2nd increment)PUM27Completed - Download pdf
D6.4Design implementation and evaluation (2nd increment)PUM36Pending
D7.1Assessment and analysis of the CPS Design implementation and evaluation (2nd increment)simulation/emulation marketPUM12 / 24 / 36Pending
D7.2Strategic directions and scheduling for the project exploitationCOM18 / 36Completed - Download pdf
D7.3Dissemination strategy and communication activitiesPUM12 / 24 / 36Pending
D8.1Project HandbookCOM2Completed
D8.2xPeriodic Progress Reports and final progress reportCOM12 / 24 / 36Pending
D8.5Data management plan (for Pilot on Open Research Data)COM6 / 24/ 36First version completed